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AP / Riccardo Gangale

Kenya’s close presidential election draws fewer voters

Belfast Telegraph | 2022-08-09

Fewer Kenyans voted on Tuesday in an unusual presidential election where a long-time opposition leader who is backed by the outgoing president faces the deputy president who styles himself as the outsider. Turnout was just 56% an hour before polls closed as...

AP / Zabi Karimi

Afghanistan: One year since the Taliban takeover

The Times of India | 2022-08-09

KABUL: The Taliban stormed back to power a year ago as US-led forces withdrew from the country, two decades after first ousting the hardline Islamist regime. As the United States and its allies begin withdrawing their forces from Afghanistan, the Taliban...

WN / Aaron Gilbert

Donald Trump says FBI raided his Florida home, broke into his safe

The Times of India | 2022-08-09

Former President Donald Trump said FBI agents raided his Mar-a-Lago estate on Monday and broke into his safe, possibly connected to a U.S. Justice Department investigation of Trump's removal of official presidential records to the Florida resort. The...

Creative Commons / 總統府

Taiwan begins live-fire artillery drill simulating defence against China attack

Korea Times | 2022-08-09

Taiwanese soldiers fire artillery during a live-fire drill in Pingtung, Taiwan, Aug. 9. Taiwan's military held a live fire drill to simulate defense of the country against a Chinese invasion, following the China's recent live fire drill in the six maritime...

Creative Commons / Vitaly V. Kuzmin

Russia suspends US inspections of its nuclear arsenals under New START treaty

Anadolu Agency | 2022-08-09

Russia informed the US on Monday that it is temporarily suspending American inspections of its nuclear weapons sites under the 2010 Treaty on Measures for the Further Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms...

WN / mervin

Nagasaki to urge nuclear abolition as city marks 77th A-bomb anniv.

Kyodo | 2022-08-09

Nagasaki marked the 77th anniversary Tuesday of the U.S. atomic bombing of the southwestern Japan city during World War II, with Mayor Tomihisa Taue set to call for the abolition of nuclear weapons amid mounting concerns over their potential use following...

AP / Majdi Mohammed

Israel: Troops kill 2 Palestinian gunmen in West Bank clash

Creative Commons /

Russian Nuclear Blackmail: Zelensky Calls On The World To Increase Sanctions Against Russia

MENA FN | 2022-08-09
WN / RTayco

Many dead, missing as S Korea’s Seoul deluged by record rain

Al Jazeera | 2022-08-09
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AP / Lefteris Pitarakis

Turkey resumes gas exploration in eastern Mediterranean after two-year halt

Press TV | 2022-08-09
AP / Stefan Rousseau

Macron and Johnson pledge again to support Ukraine as long as necessary

FX Empire | 2022-08-09
AP / Pavel Golovkin

Erdogan and Assad may hold Putin-brokered talks - Turkish media

Russia Today | 2022-08-09
AP / Peter Byrne

Polish PM ‘has no time’ for Boris Johnson – Bloomberg

Russia Today | 2022-08-09
Public Domain / Freddie Everett

US not trying to 'outdo' world powers in Africa, says Blinken

The Jordan Times | 2022-08-09
White House / Cameron Smith

Obama among international dignitaries expected at Abe state funeral

Kyodo | 2022-08-09
AP / Johnson Lai

Taiwanese foreign minister says China using drills as excuse to prepare for invasion

Gulf Daily News | 2022-08-09
AP / Eric Gay

Texas clashes with DC, NYC on busing of migrants

China Daily | 2022-08-09


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